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Get Tested Today, Get Results In Less Than 24hrs!

Covan Testing is offering a low cost Covid-19 testing for patients age 3 and up at select locations in Albuquerque, NM!

You may not have low out-of-pocket costs if you are using eligible insurance or if you are eligible for testing according to federal or state guidelines.

*You should contact your insurer to confirm the test will meet coverage criteria before scheduling a test.

Here To Help You Through COVID-19

Low cost to you with most insurance or government assistance

Diagnostic Lab Test

Results within approx. 24 hours: $20.00

Rapid Antigen Test

Results in 10 minutes: $100.00

Rapid Antibody Test

Results in 10 minutes: $100.00

Take A Quick Screening Survey Today To Schedule Your Test

How it works:

1. Complete a quick screening survey.

2. Choose a date and time for your COVID-19 testing appointment (you can bring up to 4 people with you for testing!)

3. Go to the testing location at Covan (2301 San Pedro Dr NE) at the specified appointment slot and remain in your vehicle with the windows rolled up.

4. Show your IDs and paperwork. This includes a confirmation email, a valid state ID or driver’s license, and your insurance card.

5. Perform the test yourself using a nasal swab under the direction of a testing site technician.

6. Get your results! Your test results will be sent via email and app notification at the earliest possible time. *PLEASE ensure your email address is entered correctly! THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PIECE AS YOUR RESULTS WILL ONLY BE DELIVERED VIA EMAIL!

Additional procedures such as an Antibody or Antigen test may be required depending on your medical history, recent exposure to or active COVID-19 symptoms. You may also request a rapid Antibody or Antigen test, but may incur out of pocket expenses.

Patients 3-17 will need a parent or legal guardian present during self-administration of the COVID-19 test.