Covid Testing For The Film Industry

Covan is New Mexico’s premier testing laboratory for New Mexico’s film industry!

Covan is committed to helping YOUR PRODUCTION stay running during this difficult time. We will test your production’s cast & crew any day, time, or place. Call us for a quote today! If you are already using another testing company, we will meet or beat your current pricing. WE HAVE YOUR BACK!

Why Choose Covan?

The founders of Covan Testing, Joseph Griego and Javier Amparan, are elite Set Medics in NM’s film world. We understand you more than ANY other testing company out there! Joseph, educated by John Hopkins University in Covid Coordination, will work closely with your Covid Coordinator in any way necessary! This will assist in establishing a quick and effective testing procedure to get your peeps tested in accordance.

How Will My Production Be Tested?

Covan will deploy a team of medical professionals to your production location, production office, studios, stages, or any other required location. We will charge a small deployment fee per day and will assist you in developing a quick and painless testing line. We like to pre print the labels for any given day so that we may streamline the process. We also understand the weird world of film and will work with your 1st AD & Covid Coordinator to develop the best plan!

We will test your production’s cast & crew any day, time, or place.

Film Testing Form

What Tests Can Our Production Do?

Please refer to the latest White Pages Agreement for an in depth answer to this question. After an assessment of your production’s needs, Covan will help you make the wisest test selection.

How long will testing and results take?

Covan strives to deliver test results in 24 hours or less! With our lab conveniently located in Albuquerque, our goal is to deliver same-day results to New Mexico’s film world. Your production will be our #1 priority.